Local Delivery

So much better than receiving in the mail...


What if? What if you are not available when one of the trucks of equpiment comes for delivery? What if you don't have a forklift? What if you have freight damage? What if you need to return something or solve some complex problems of placing the equipment? etc.

Think about the freedom you will have when you don't have to think about logistics, damage, prepping, and any placement of the equipment. How you can hold us accountable for completion of this serivice?


On time. Scheduling deliveries, communication and ability. We are thrive on standing out. Consistent outstanding service is what helps us think differently, challenging the status quo. Imagine a world where people where you knew what to expect and when to expect it.


Coming in over time, it is a relief to know that their will be a forklift and storage space to stage your proejct. If there is damage to any one of the units from the frieight company, we take care of it for you. From unloading trucks, inspecting freignt and filing appropriate claims if neccessary, and storing for job consolitation and delivery.


Taking special care to prep equipment, peel equipment (taking off the stainless stickers), casters on equipment, etc, BSR's experianced delivery/install crew efficiently and effectively prepares the equipment for delivery. With proper delivery of equipment, setting in place is safe and quick. Solving problems such as, door size, sidewalk ledges, and stairs; we have a history of success after success.

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