Solutions to complex problems.


BSR is incorporated, ran and owned by Idahoans. We have two sister companies also owned and operated by Idahoans, CCF Leasing our own in-house finance company and Concepts Restaurant Design Group - provides more detailed drawings for those projects than more than a layout is needed. Only company with full coverage of Southern Idaho with three locations with full warehouse and service teams. We do sell nationally. Many of our customers have grown to have many restaurants across the country. One small operation grew to 160 different locations. However, our emphasis is 150 miles to one of our locations. Services like design, financing, installation and warehousing is very important to the success of your business. One reason we are growing faster than the majority of the business’s in our industry.


Restaurants are full of equipment that will or may fail at some time causing equipment or code problems. We do our best to only specify vendors that we know to provide exceptional service. Authentic service is how those problems are taken care of. Being in business for over 50 years in Idaho we have very good alliances with service companies and know who to call if there is an issue. We have dedicated team members for warranty service and parts. Being price competitive with web companies but with the added value that buying local with exceptional service, easing your mind to concentrate on what is most important at that moment.

The Facts

We give you the facts so that you can make the best decision for your business. We will always explain the pro and cons of different vendors. Some vendors may have great service in one area but lousy in others. We know what equipment the service agencies prefer to work on and what equipment works or doesn’t work in certain environments.


Educating our BSR team so they can educate you is one of the most important things we do. BSR sales and service team is not commissioned. Our focus is to get you to that team member that will best get you the service you need. A team that has specific people in specific service segments for excellent service. With a new project, you will typically get to know many team members that best focus on different aspects of the project.

Need a Reference?

If you need an Architect, Engineer give us a call. We work with the majority of them and would be happy to recommend who may be the best fit. If you already have an Architect, we would be happy to work with them. If you have inspection code questions whether mechanical or health department related, we have the answer or at the minimum will know how to get you the information. We would love to hear from you.

Please refer to contact us for our staff or just email [email protected] and we will make sure you get contacted right away.